A space to call my own.

The stars align again. The other night I was yet again fretting about my work situation at home: in the kitchen, on the dining table, all over the bookcase— when I impulsively went onto Craigslist to look for an office space. Right there was a beautiful shared space 1.5 blocks from my house that had just been advertised. Today I found out I was the chosen artist to sublease! My studio mate is a really nice woman and terrific painter. I’m writing this after the fact now so I can post images but I got a great deal on the drawing desk I’ve always wanted from a paint contractor who was going out of business (Craigslist) and other furniture to fill out the space and allow for storage. I’m so excited to have a place to leave my stuff out, get away from the draw of dirty dishes and other housework and separate my home and work life properly. Crazy Grateful.