# Speaks to Me

I've been told blogging and social media were made for me. Since the invention of the internet, I've always been that friend who peppers you with emails of: "hey, thought of you, great article" or just a link. I AM constantly finding things that amaze and inspire me and so I want someone else to see them too. SPEAKS TO ME will be a regular feature here in the journal. The name should cover all my miscellaneous finds from very broad interests but I have a feeling this space will mostly feature other artists.

My first find lives in London and is a fellow classmate from the Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design course. Bob Wolf is a successful and versatile illustrator/animator and will soon launch his surface pattern design website. I found him at Love This Show Elevenses the studio name for surface pattern design duo Mids & Wolf. Here's what the studio says about their site: "We at Love This Show invite you to partake in Elevenses with us whilst perusing our latest finds from around the surface pattern world, weather it be what's hot on the high street or what inspires us from around the web to the local streets we live on." What speaks to me most are the series of Plantlife collections you see here. I am in love with the photography, the compilations and titles— plus, that all this beauty was found on the streets. Bob obviously lives in a really cool area. Also check out the "Around the Corner" collections. Lastly: thebobwolf— say no more.