It's about time… or just action.

So. Here finally is my website debut blog entry. Since my new career evolution, this website and the ideas for it have been forming in my head for almost a full year. And that's been a problem. As of this writing, I may have 10 more hours to put into finishing it, but that last push has been overwhelming. Yes, I have had the added distractions of paying work, motherhood and life— but after reading this Christine Kane article I can confirm that my perfectionism is in overdrive. I'm wanting to put something out there with my name on it that's perfect. Little P voice: "What if all these patterns aren't large enough to see the details? What if your work just doesn't measure up? What if you're  missing some key element to the site?" The last website I had was in 2000 and so much has changed! I'm sick of hearing my own laments. "When you take imperfect action, you learn that there’s no such thing as failure." The truth is it will never be perfect, so quit trying. The truth is there will always be someone/thing better but to compare is to despair. The truth is start where you are. The truth is that action is more important than perfection. Thank you for visiting and seeing me— imperfections and all.