Holidays and new beginnings

There is a whole lot to be grateful for at this time of the year and this month I've had daily in-your-face reminders. May our hearts be strong and may this world find peace. May we continue to enjoy or cultivate good health. This is one of the last jobs of my first year back at freelancing. It's come full circle in that I was contracted by Tom Nayder, the Art Director of the Albuquerque alternative newspaper Weekly Alibi, who took my place in that position so long ago. Weeklies are a fun gig; late night deadlines, making do with few resources and the camaraderie of dedicated folk who care about local arts and entertainment makes a wonderful work family. When Tom was hired (he was from CHIC-KAW-GOH; a real exotic) I remember he wanted nothing more than to be the Art Director there— check! He saved my ass paginating the book... I hate puzzles and he would jolly-like take it from me and fit all those nutty ads in a good place and make it work. Thank you—again.

Unfortunately, after 15 years at the Alibi, last week Tom found out he's being laid off. Accomplishments: withstood the weekly grind of design for and oversaw production of 760 issues (give or take a few), art directed loads of fantastic covers and rode the roller coaster of weekly publishing and personalities. I'm sure you will be missed, and lord help your co-workers left behind, but there is always something new and great for a talent like yours, dear Tom!

Grateful for new beginnings, mine... and yours.