Enter the Naked Ladies!

nickyovitt_nakedladies_of-the-evening Did I get your attention? One category of prints that I see the need to expand upon is florals. Many of my surface pattern friends do almost nothing BUT florals— and they are really lovely... just not my go-to subject. Could this spareness of florals be somehow connected to my shortage of single patterns? As I've said before, I think in collections.

Well, good thing for inspiring sites like 101Florals. Designers Lindsay Nohl and Llew Mejia have teamed up to bring us gorgeous weekly florals. I love that they explore different styles and mediums as well as inviting other designers to participate.

Llew gave me my choice of flower so I chose the ever-wild and abundant Naked Lady! AKA Bella Donna Lily, Resurrection Lily or Amaryllis. This common name comes from the lack of leaves which is really a reversal of leaf/flower growth described quite well here. Naked ladies appear like sticks and then grace us with their showy top blossoms around August, the accessory greenery gone months before. In Sonoma County you can find them all along the roadside like weeds. This little mouse is also a nod to the charm of this area... or maybe he's there for the show.

nickyovitt_nakedladies_ofthenightDETAIL2 nickyovitt_nakedladies_onasunday nickyovitt_nakedladies_onasundayDETAIL