Dancing planets and science.

around saturn FabioDiDonato I so must share this morning's obsession ASAP. A website called: The Kid Should See This. Although I've just scratched the surface, this would have been the PERFECT addition to my (somewhat lacking) childhood education. Thank goodness I've now found it... also feeds my space infatuation. This beautiful video by Fabio di Donato is just one of the incredible snippets of what you can find there.

I'm thinking that Ramona should be required encouraged to watch or read one article per day and report back to me. Uh, yeah— use the ipad for some good now! She and I were fascinated by the International Space Station tour given by NASA Commander, Sunita Williams, on her final day before returning to earth. How great is that? Yup, a WOMAN commander! This hair washing in space lesson was also pretty fun.