Petaluma Proud

NickyOvitt_OhPetalumaTT_full Yesterday was a big one as I finally opened an Etsy shop for my one product; a tea towel that celebrates my town's rich agricultural heritage as the "Egg Capitol of the World," with a nod to the urban farming revival. These 100% cotton towels are approximately 20" x 27" with a hanging loop on the back. They are very nice quality and I'm packaging them up with some cute details for gifting. Making a product, creating a store and all the technical challenges involved were daunting to my overloaded brain, but today I can happily report: hurdles and self doubt— overcome! Lastly, I'm most proud that 10% of each sale will be donated to Mentor Me Petaluma, a local non-profit that provides mentors for kids! I've always wanted to help this organization.


In other local news, the Petaluma Star website, branding, and a printed piece for the Petaluma Economic and Development Department were launched last week. For the past year I've been collaborating with an incredibly talented group of local freelancers from all different disciplines called The Petaluma Design Guild. The PDG was hired by the city to create this work and every Monday afternoon we've met, gotten to know each other, had respectful debates, and been assigned tasks. All of which has culminated in this incredible tool kit! It's been a true labor of love for everyone. For me, it's also been an unparallelled learning experience. Although I've worked at design firms, I've never had in-house agency-type experience, nor been a part of such a long-term and involved identity project. A good article can be read here. Follow Petaluma Star news on Facebook here. Today I'm giving a shout out to my most-respected fellow Guilders: YOU ARE ALL STARS TO ME!PetalumaStarWork