Bear Blanket

roxy marj bear blanket A while back I discovered this incredible artist. I was a bit obsessed as her blog goes way back and she's pretty prolific in the posting department. You can REALLY get to know her. Roxy Marj (aka RomaWinkel) is much more than an adorable name. Her artwork has so much personality, filled with unusual characters, telling imaginative stories; perfect for children's books! She shares her keen philosophical mind and I feel like she was given a very different set of eyes. She can also make a charming face from anything.

When I received a long awaited check this summer I purchased this Bear Baby Blanket from her Etsy shop. She also makes a Lion and a Tiger but the Bear was my first choice since my given name used to mean Bear. This is how we've displayed the bear in our bedroom. COZY and HAPPY.