Donkey Dreams

I've got a few very important donkey related things to share but this one is the most time-sensitive. I've been a fan of artist, author and animal lover, Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm since discovering her artwork on Etsy and posting about my early donkey obsession a while back. Katherine rescues "misfit" animals and lives a charmingly simple and creative life near Portland, Oregon. She's got a magical story to tell and her KickStarter project to fund the printing of her third book comes from a deep love and desire to share her personal experience. Please take a few minutes to read her dear and humorous writing— (FAQs too.) Her animals have people names, dreamy things happen and pie is celebrated! And to seal the deal, one of the backer gifts is a copy of the book— what could be better? Don't delay, support the arts today and let's help her give it wings!

BRAY BRAY, Katherine! You inspire.


Art ©Katherine Dunn.