An Exquisite Corpse

A year ago this month my mom was visiting and we ended up at the local hospital emergency room. She received the care she needed but during the long stay in the waiting room Ramona and I made busy with one of my favorite games from childhood, exquisite corpse. I have fond memories of my dad carefully folding a piece of paper from his small shirt pocket notepad to begin the collaboration. He, my mom and I would pass the paper around with tiny indicator lines to show where the next drawing should begin. Inevitably, the suspense would begin to build as my dad would take a very long time with his drawing— this was serious business. What would this 3 part creature look like? Did we all draw a human or something else? Upon opening, the artists are rewarded with a fantastic surprise; the mix of drawing styles, the freaky surrealist advent of a unique collaboration. I wish I still had some of those original drawings.

As Halloween nears, I'm thinking an exquisite corpse just might be a great costume idea.

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