"Who are you wearing?"

Sunday night like so many people around the world we sat down to watch the Oscar Awards. This year our family had not seen many of the nominated films and Ramona's favorite actress Jennifer Lawrence was missing but none-the-less we enjoyed the tongue-tied hosts welcoming the stars and hearing details about their fashion choices. But it must be said that I really missed Joan and Melissa Rivers. Joan watching from above, no doubt. Here are some dresses inspired by gowns we saw on the red carpet. The second dress from the left on Ramona's page is an EMOJI dress. Trend savvy, that one. The croquis are from a book purchased in 2012 at the Gaultier show in San Francisco. Here is a post from that time with more fashion designs by us.

NickyOvitt_2015Oscars_Ramona NickyOvitt_2015Oscars_Nicky