About Chimayó

About Chimayó


The design elements that appeal to me in Chimayó weaving are the starry eye dazzlers, the complicated arrow-like geometrics and the interspersed horizontal lines that create subtle accent shapes. This is a very distinctive style. The blankets from the 30s and 40s are my favorites.

Although I wish I could convey much much more about Chimayó weaving my knowledge is limited. You just like what you like, right?!   :)

I DID read the book my mom co-wrote on the subject, published in 1999. Chimayó Weaving, The Transformation of a Tradition was one of the first books on the topic, describing the design history, the weavers, materials and trade. Also, gorgeous photographs throughout! The book is now out-of-print but you can usually find a copy on Amazon or Abe's Books.

The Ortega family of Ortega's Weaving Shop and the Trujillo family of Centinela Traditional Arts (both in Chimayó, New Mexico) are the best expert weavers of this tradition; Irvin, Lisa and Emily Trujillo are carrying on and also innovating the style to incredible new dimensions. A visit to these shops is well worth your time—when we get to do that again.

Chris Ferguson of Tres Estrellas Gallery in Taos really knows his way around Río Grande textiles, jewelry and antiques. He's a sucker for Saltillo Serapes and his shop is full of treasures. On the South end of Taos, stop in at Encanto Gallery. WPA and New Mexico artist originals often to be found among the unusual artifacts!

In Silver City, weaver and owner of Wild West Weaving Hosana Eilert sells and teaches weaving workshops dedicated to the Chimayó style.

Even though we're not traveling right now, also make note of these two places that are currently showing extensive exhibits of New Mexican and other weavings: Rio Grande National Heritage Area of NM and Historic Bond House, both near Española. New Mexico Fiber Arts Center has also been instrumental in keeping the tradition alive.

If you're shopping for textiles, Santa Fe Antiques ALWAYS has some dreamy examples of Chimayó, Navajo and other weaving styles for sale.



1// Santuario de Chimayó, my image      2// Classic vintage Chimayó vest     3// More examples of Chimayó graphic shapes in 1940s blankets      4// Chimayó trading post, Española (top), Vigil store in Chimayó      5// Fred Harvey Era postcard and advertising materials      6// Chimayó inspired Bandanña, limited run      7// Original mood board, various sources      8// Rancho de Chimayó interior by Jesse Nusbaum, 1911      9// Two of the best books about Chimayó weaving      10// Thunderbird on the side of Ortega’s Weaving, my image

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