About Tyler

About Tyler


My dad was a nomad. Until the age of 10 he had uprooted my mom and I that many times— always seeking a better, smaller, more heartfelt town. I don’t remember Tyler but I’m told we lived in a huge brick house in which I got lost and cried. We later lived in Dallas and Denton, where I do have good memories of hot summers, playing with fireflies and running a little feral.

For this design I conceived of Tyler, Texas secret sweethearts, Georgina and June in the 1950s. Georgina, the apple of her daddy’s eye— a tough girl who busts broncos with the boys and wipes her brow with a weathered bandanna. Georgina, the soft-spoken, Rose Parade Queen who checks that all the baby animals are warm and safe in the barn before heading to bed. Fortitude, family, faith, and devotion to country are the cornerstone of their characters. Drive-in movies, square dances, dips in the river and identifying clouds are the pluck in their days. Georgina and June’s love story takes place in a different time, their futures pre-written. But from time to time they confide their dreams of experiencing a bigger world and join hands to wish upon a shooting star that came true.

The design of this Tyler Bandanña is inspired by vintage bandanna western shirts and quilts. Tyler was at the top of my baby name list, plus Levi.

If color and creativity are your thing, thIs Southwest Bandanña collection is printed on white bandannas that are prefect for dyeing. Images to come.

I’ve extended the special offer: $5.00 off any order of $28.00 or more. Code: ONWARD (Until June 19, midnight)
(Limited quantities of this first run of the Southwest Collection)


1// Windmill, my image      2// Tyler, Texas souvenir and tall tale postcards      3// Paisley and bandanna prints from vintage western wear            4// June and Georgina LIFE magazine cowgirls 1947-48)      5// Mood board, various sources      6// Tyler inspired Bandanña, limited run      7// Original mood board, various sources      8// Cowboy boot sign      9// Sunset, my image      10// James Dean, by Frank Worth 1955

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