All donkey, all the time.

All donkey, all the time.

I dunno what will happen for 2015, but for now I'm still on the donkey trail, so to speak. My love for donkey images and art have brought some lovely gifts into my life that I wanted to share.

1 ||  The first you see here being a painting by my incredibly talented friend, Ginny Hautau of Urban Cowgirl Design. Ginny absolutely floored me when this sweet little painting was dropped off after one of our epic coffee chats. The product maker in me is dying for her to get these licensed for wall art or to sell on Sundance! She also has a way with home design— look her up. I was very touched to receive this treasure and feel blessed by her friendship all the time.

2 ||  You may know my mom is an oil pastel artist and when I visit New Mexico we usually get together with one of  her pastel friends named Sally Prince. When Sally heard about my love of donkeys, she gave me this adorable miniature in sunflowers that I framed for my desk. She also sent me this card with an image from a painting she did a while back. Aren't these so full of personality?

3 ||  These next two images are from Katherine Dunn of Apifera Farm in Oregon. She is an accomplished illustrator who runs a farm of rescued "misfit" animals and earlier this year I supported her 2nd Kickstarter campaign to publish another book seen here on the right. It's a gorgeous publication and I have yet to read it but I'm so happy to have these unique donkeys in my life. The original drawing (with hair bow) has yet to be framed, it was a mother's day present from my husband who appreciates a good gift hint. Originals like this can be found at Katherine's Etsy shop.

4 ||  Choreography! This poster was a present from one of my oldest friends who attends Sundance Film Festival every year. Robin said this award-winning short film was fantastic and she went through some pretty great effort to get me this poster. Not only is she always thinking of what someone else might like for a "prezzie," she WRAPS said gifts in the most beautiful ways— almost too cool to open. Robin is a prolific collector and master of assemblage. She will be announcing some beautiful assembled art boxes for sale soon so I'll update you on that when it happens. Her graphic design work and blog can be found at 314Gallery.

5 & 6 ||  These two books were gifts to myself. Our local library has a children's book sale every few months. If you've never read the story of Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, you should request it from your local library— it's quite philosophical and deep: "Oh how I wish I were my real self again."

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