Dreams for Ladi.

Dreams for Ladi.

I will admit that much of the week I prefer to exist in a current events blackout. World news and the way it's reported can be very depressing and cause me to feel so hopeless.

However, as a daily NPR listener, I have been following the plight of the kidnapped schoolgirls and their distraught families in Nigeria. As a mother to a young girl it's just horrific to imagine.

Illustrators Rebecca Bradley and Janna Morton started an excellent Tumblr project to help bring attention to the story. Women illustrators were invited to create a flower for a missing girl and post it to Blooms of Nigeria. In their words: "But though the stark numbers are powerful, it’s important to remember that each of these girls is an individual, with a family, friends, dreams — and a name. " I spent much of today lovingly drawing this flower for you, Ladi. Wherever you and your classmates are, my hope is with you today. Bless you, and come home safely to continue your dreams.

If you want to help, you will find excellent suggestions here on Girl Rising. (Girl Rising is also a movie I highly recommend.) #bringbackourgirls

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