Hi, what's your totem animal?

Hi, what's your totem animal?

Mind you I live in Northern California so much of what I'm about to reveal can be excused by this fact. Lately friends have been hanangling me about my donkey obsession and wanting to know if it is my spirit animal. Well, I dunno about all that, but I do know that they keep popping their furry square noses all up in my bizness. So maybe they are choosing ME to be their totem!

Spirit animal wisdom advises you to remember the animal you had a connection with in your childhood. A little secret: before I was Nicky I was another name. It meant polar bear. It was a VERY hippy name to grow up with and obviously I tired of explaining it. I never related to the bear as he gave me so much grief.

Now as an adult, my little family is involved with horses and the equine bug has bitten us all. A little about the magic of donkeys from this site: "Donkey, Power Animal, Symbol of Intelligence, Dedication: The donkey is an indefatigable worker and personifies the qualities of determination and service to others. They have a deep dedication to the universe/All That Is. Donkeys are willing to take on the responsibilities and burdens of others. Mastering the art of saying no, and being accountable for yourself and your own well being is a life lesson. ...they trust, respect and listen to their own intuitive senses." All That Is. I like that.

This Sundance catalog came to the house recently and hubby bought me this beautiful necklace on Etsy too. Here are just a few other nice donkey gifts from Etsy.

1. Donkedermy... feel free to buy me this after you win the lottery. 2. Oregon artist Katherine Dunn is a fellow donkeyphile. 3. Lots of other nice animals at this UK shop where the necklace came from. 4. 1950s pull toy. 5. Lynn's Fun Creations totem bookmarks.

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