Homestead Strike-offs!

Homestead Strike-offs!

It doesn't get more real for me than to have actual strike-offs in my hot little hands. Last week I got to spend a little time with these babies! I'm so thrilled with the color correctness as some of the blues and greens were undoubtedly challenging to mix according to my *paper* color palette. Candice at Clothworks agreed that the factory pretty much nailed it— an uncommon treat to receive in a first pass!In the coming weeks I'll be sending out Homestead news to quilt and design blogs. And until I learn to sew properly, I also have plans to post some project mockups for fun. Follow me on Instagram to find out when new posts are up.

If you haven't read the story of the Homestead, you can find it here. Thanks to Madeleine & Ellen from The Printed Bolt— you've been so encouraging. Thank you to Candice and Joyce at Clothworks— I'm extremely pleased with this partnership and their guidance!

Homestead fabric will be available for purchase from Clothworks this Fall.

Lastly, this collection is inspired by, and dedicated to, ALL hard working women... especially the one who faithfully supports my career and life decisions... my mom.

On Friday I gained a new (updated) respect for photographers and other fabric designers I know who shoot their own product images. SO. NOT. EASY. I was using a borrowed tripod to attempt complimentary or matching perspectives, but the ga-zillion-and-three angle settings and DIY rubberband set-up I had going made me end up free-styling it for now. The strike-off swatches are small but it was so fun to mix/match/arrange like my favorite quilters do. You can see each print and colorway in the in the licensing area of my site here.

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