In an uncertain world

In an uncertain world

(cue Don LaFontaine) we now find ourselves in a massive, world-wide time out. This world health crisis and the changes to our everyday lives mean much time to ruminate.

I will admit to feeling some sense of relief at the beginning of last week when it seemed like I had been given the gift of time stopping. Much like the wish for a tiny, not-too-dangerous car wreck when you’re on the way to the 9 to 5 job cuz you want a break to catch up on your life.

In the beginning, I enjoyed a couple days of complete euphoria watching the creative community share their talents, services and hope. Free drawing classes, authors reading books online, live music and so many other distractions from artists and companies alike! The world feels smaller, and bigger— at the same time.

But, 7 days later the thrill was gone. Despair had hit after too many hours of social media, repetitive, dire newscasts and the giant unknowns. I realized that mentally I was not able to instantly benefit from, or be fruitful with this break in time. My empath tendencies had paralyzed my motivation. Nagging questions swirled in my mind: will we all be ok, what does this mean for our family, my business, HUMANITY?

Added to my worries is the incompetence of our “leader.” Willful ignorance and greed have no place here. But giant praise to our Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham has done an incredible job of informing New Mexicans and taking action to ensure public safety. In Italy, the mayors don’t mess around— this kind of STAY HOME enforcement is funny yes, but also quite endearing.

Yesterday I delivered fabric cut-outs to 2 friends who are making mask covers for healthcare workers. One says “We are the Rosies”— of course referring to the incredible time in our history when the United States was unified— pitching in and proud. It also marks an incredible point in American Manufacturing, ingenuity and productivity that would be incredible to resurrect.

In optimistic moments I marvel at the positive changes that have happened. The virus has done for us what we could not do for ourselves. Slowing down, giving the earth a break, time with family, creating, sharing, honoring our essential, backbone workers, compassion for our elders, helping, helping, helping. The dogs are thrilled, “Hooman is home! All the time! Walkies!” The cats, they say “Meh.” :) Friends have described plants they’ve never seen bloom are now flowering. Miracles, right?

Often I have prayed that all the good that has resulted from this moment of truth will LAST— long after we are back to being well and together in person.

Our family has kept our “germ circle” very small; me, husband, daughter and my mom who is in the high-risk category on a number of fronts. She and I have worked out a basic daily schedule as we’ve cooked delicious homemade meals, played Scrabble, learned technology and walked more city parks than I would have imagined. This is quality time together and I thank the universe that we live here now— close to her instead of 2,000 miles away where we would worry even more in feeling helpless. Our daughter has utilized our now unbooked casita for her online classroom and it will become a quarantine unit should any of us get sick. Thankful to have the space. Spring is coming on strong in Albuquerque and it’s glorious.

If you’re still reading, thank you. If you’re struggling through this new reality— I feel ya. If you care to chat, you know where to find me— and I DO mean that!

As for Nicky Ovitt Gifts + Goods… I have felt conflicted and uncomfortable. 2020 found me fully stocked up on products for a big year of selling. And at the same time I’ve never felt so much like I can’t ask people to buy things. My reasoning was that everyone needs to hang on to their money— we don’t know what will happen, right? But that’s the same attitude of scarcity that brought on toilet paper hoarding! 

So, I am humbly asking for your support of my small, USA-made business. Either by purchasing from me or the wonderful independent stores that buy my wares and are also struggling. Many have online shops— visit them!

Rewriting the number 19 into something positive:

  • For I’m-not-sure-how-long, my Bandanñas and Note Card Sets are On Sale for $19.

  • That’s over 20% OFF these items.

  • Kitchen Towels are still the low price of $16.

  • Packing will be done with the utmost care and sanitation.

  • I’ll be going to the post office once a week on Tuesdays so if you need it sooner, let me know.

  • I will also provide free gift wrapping, should you want to send your purchase to a friend.

  • And, lastly I now have Gift Cards available so your gift recipient can choose for themselves!

In chaos, humor and wisdom record how we deal with these times. Some the cleaner examples of which I hope you’ll enjoy in the slideshow below.

Paz y buena salud
(Peace and good health)


PS: If you don’t already know, I listed some of my Coloring Pages that you can download for free entertainment.


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