Just Something She Made.

Just Something She Made.

Yesterday I basked. In the glow of friendship. Literally, on my sunny porch steps in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of an ordinary week, I basked in the heartfelt, sincere gift of a friend who really thought of me. JUST BECAUSE. A friend who just showed up to offer me a gift... of art. JUST BECAUSE. I’ve written about the importance of Cathe Holden in my life before. She’s someone I’m meant to know in this life and we get each other.

Cathe created this piece. I’m touched beyond words. There is so much to love in here; the exquisite details are enchanting, the concept and craftsmanship are so wonderful. This sweet donkey even has a little glint in his eye and don't forget the wrapping! The book text talks about George Washington's donkeys and the stamps are George Washington, the date on the emblem is my birth year! So very personalized and the love she put into this really shows. From the text: "Long ago kings and rich men rode from place to place on donkeys. They were counted as part of a rich man's wealth. They took part in the wars and in the grand processions after victories."

And from my research: "George Washington received his donkeys from some notable sources. Royal Gift was a donkey that was gifted to George Washington in 1785 by Charles III, the King of Spain."

When a friend shows up for you, she is ever more valuable in your life. A True Gift. Thank you, Cathe Holden!

PS: And to really top it off, TOMORROW I get to spend the entire day at her Inspired Barn making this Luminary house and bottle brush trees! Sign up for her newsletter or a workshop, they are all that!

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