New Website!

New Website!

It's ON! 

Welcome to my new and UPDATED website! I will spare you the details on how long overdue this is and the almost paralyzing state of overwhelm that contributed to the situation. My lesson learned is not to wait. Finish a personal project before moving on to another flurry of ideas. I really related to this talk where brilliant lettering artist Jessica Hische describes that for her, if a passion project can't the done in a weekend, it probably won't get done. I now also commit to posting a completed client project within a week of it being done or released. And third, thanks to my new accountability partner Andy Rado, "done is better than perfect" (!!!) So even though my long (somewhat unreasonable) dream list of things to add to this launch is not complete, I will continue to add in the next few weeks since I'm finally past that 90% point. Peeks of client work, new art and lettering, plus a few products currently in development will be announced on my Instagram. Although I have not yet been able to add regular newsletters to my repertoire if that's more your thing, sign up on the sidebar to the right.

Last month I was pleased to be included in Roxy Marj's January #artworkadaygiveaway on Instagram. That was fun and I'll be doing another this month with a love/valentine theme. Follow me to find out when.

Lastly, my love for donkeys has not waned. I'm dying to get this Jack and Jenny collection made into fabric. For today's launch celebration I'm offering this donkey coloring book page to you! Click here to download pdf file.

Thank you for viewing, following and supporting my work! Please contact me with any comments, site glitches or work inquiries! 

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