So, I’m not sure what started the obsession but possibly it was an attempt to have an equine interest of my own since my daughter has been horseback riding and now (horse) vaulting for 3? years. I’ve come to know (read: be not terrified of) these tall creatures with mysterious thoughts and somewhat unnerving stares. Eyore aside, donkeys have a certain intelligence and calming effect. They are companions to nervous horses and can protect flocks of sheep! Maybe they are not just stubborn but full of gumption! In Sonoma County there is a house with at least 6 mini donkeys in the front yard. Sometimes I park outside the fence and make little cooing and cawing noises at them. Yes, really. About a year ago I fell in love with this little ceramic donkey at my friend Lori’s etsy shop, yosalvovendo. She lives in Coeur D'alene, Idaho and has wonderful taste— plus the prices are right! Donkey number 1 became my little desk friend. Soon after, I created this tea towel calendar for Spoonflower and they asked to use it as one of their booth giveaways at QuiltCon 2013. Yay, donkey. A few months go by and a friend gives me a donkey pulling a wire wagon. Then I find a friend for donkey 1 at a thrift store in Albuquerque. Donkeys also found their way into my new identity.

Fast forward to last month. Ramona and I went to New Mexico to spend time with my mom. She’s been ill but was well enough for a little tourist trip to Santa Fe and Taos. (This was a very special trip with a happy outcome and I’ll post more about it soon.) So, our family likes to joke. And to keep joking... and you know how tweens really don’t like these long-running, repetitive references? Well, that means we do it more. My husband is the king of (you got it!) beating a dead horse. So, on this little adventure I began to see donkeys. Well, yes– a southwestern icon. So, I started to document all the donkeys I found along our travels. And the jokes became; “Yes, but are there donkeys?” “Seen any donkeys there?” “Oh, not worth it, no donkeys.” You get the picture. It was me joking, and my mom and Ramona rolling their eyes.

So below are just a few of the donkeys we came across. While visiting the incredible Chimayo weaving shop of Irvin and Lisa Trujillo of Centinela Traditional Arts, we were introduced to Lisa’s super sweet donkeys; Bunny (mom) and Skibunny (daughter.) They are standard donkeys and she used to race them with a cart. Lisa also took us to see the mammoth donkeys but they were so overwhelming I wasn’t able to take my eyes away long enough to pull out the camera. I was actually a little afraid for a moment; they have gigantic heads and one was REALLY up in my personal space. In the evenings I had lots of time to myself so I got the Pinterest bug and created this board of donkeydom.

Now imagine my return to California. I’m happy to be home. Mail, messages, oh, a package! Lots of mail but must open package. And what is there? The most incredible doe-eyed, mohawked donkey from that same sweet friend, Lori. And a note. And a book. And she says she’s enjoyed reading the blog. Someone reads the blog? Are there donkeys? This little guy was such a wonderful welcome home. Donkronicity. I see my a growing drove in my future.

I am thankful to be home, to have lifelong friends who care about me and to have just a tiny little mini obsession that is affordable and makes my family crazy.

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