Some people are just givers.

Some people are just givers.

I have been blessed with some very long term friendships. Like from Art School days... like when a certain friend used to wear parachute-material genie pants and Boy George was still a big deal. My girl Robin is a gifted and generous friend. I've laughed harder with her than anyone I know. We've shared secrets, epic trips to Mexico, art, and the art of growing up. Besides being, or maybe because of being a great assemblage artist, Robin has got a fine eye for design and collecting: her Haight/Asbury home is filled with treasures arranged ever so cleverly. The first time you visit it's hard to hold a conversation because you want to just explore! She should be featured in Covet Garden, Apt. Therapy or Design*Sponge. So I tell her that... all the time. You might find her there one day.

She is also a champion bargainer and culture queen. I like to say you could drop her in the middle of any foreign country with 10 cents and she'd make friends plus have everything she needed by nightfall.

Robin is always sending fun packages of random stuff for all of us, we just love the surprises and it's hard to keep up with the thank you cards! These are but a few of the wonderful momentos she picked me up on her recent trip to France. The book translates to: "Play in the Drawing!" ...ooh I love that! It looks to be from the early 50s and I adore the inky floral cover pattern. The black catalog is from contemporary decor designer, Angela Adams whom I did not know about before, earthy patterns and mod furniture.

Our family will miss Robin over the holidays but look forward to her next trip to "the country" to see us. Thrifting, yard sales and pedicures await. Word has it this gal has some other surprises to unleash on the world. Get ready... she's got the goods!

UPDATE: Robin's site is now live, check it out!

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