These are the days.

These are the days.

Desert Mesa by Dr. Helen Lucero  (mom)

It's been a month (!) since I was eliminated from The Printed Bolt contest so the sting has faded. Although I was disappointed to no longer participate, I have reminded myself that one of the main reasons I entered was to LEARN— a benefit of which I received IN FULL. With each new challenge another way of seeing and designing opened up for me. With each judge score sheet I was encouraged to explore something new or to consider a different aspect of fabric design for quilting that I needed to improve upon. Scale, density, direction and color were common themes with the judges, many of whom are accomplished quilters, so they consider a fabric for their very specific end-uses and cut-ability.

The same week I found out I would not be continuing in the contest, I saw my good friend Cathe at a book signing for Rosette Art, her gorgeous project book for Chronicle Books. Her response to my disappointment in being eliminated; "There's a reason this is happening, and it's because there are other great plans for you." Bless her and I know she didn't just say it to be nice. What a down to earth and settling comment, the unknown fills me with peace.

A proper thank you to Ellen and Madeline of The Printed Bolt— you've created something really wonderful in Repeat(ed) and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to design for the contest. I do hope we meet again. Best of luck to the final four; you've all shown great innovation, desire and talent!

Recent themes: There is discovery, there is hard work, there is passion, there is hype… and there is life. The kind I need to show up for. To be there for those who are close and dear to me and suffering.

May we enjoy hopeful days with heaps of perspective.

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