1.  Gustave Baumann woodcut prints.

2.  My well-loved 1928 copy of Fireflies by Rabindranath Tagore.

3.  The Fairy Tale Book handed down by my mom. (1958 Golden Book)

4.  The art of the Ketubah.

5.  Hailstones and Halibut Bones children’s poetry book.  (1961)


A list of random questions posed by thoughtful friends.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I find brilliance in everyday moments, children’s fairy tale books, bohemian art and costume, crazy quilts, nature, outsider art, hex signs and Tibetan Thangkas— to name a few. I have a fondness for scroll-y, winding lines, knots, symbolism, mysticism and great opulence. See images above.

How have your travels (literally or figuratively) influenced your current works?

You can read about my 2014 epic trip to central colonial Mexico here and see the lettering inspired by that trip here. I also love to visit the museums, stores and flea markets in Santa Fe and will always find a color palette, a doll, or a rug design that I visually catalog for future reference. My mom was a curator at the Museum of International Folk Art for many years so I grew up adoring this magical place, it’s treasures and Alexander Girard’s collection of folk art from around the world.

Red or green?

Christmas!!! Red AND green, please. For those who may not know the reference, this is ubiquitous in New Mexico and refers to chile. Everywhere you go, for every meal, you have chile. I’m more partial to green, but since I haven't found any authentic New Mexican food in California, I take both when I’m visiting.

Are you going to get on a horse?

Yeah, like someday again soon I will get on. No past problems, just the feeling of being older and wanting to keep my arms/wrists/head intact— I got stuff to do! I love to watch my daughter ride. See our collaborative horse fabric here.

What are 3 things I'd never know about you?

I distain the repetition of daily life— I won't read a book twice or travel the same route if possible. In another life I'd like to be a rare books dealer. I used to sing with a Gospel choir.

What does your dream house look like?

Truth be told: I love a 50’s–60’s ranch. We live in a wonderfully updated (thanks, honey!) 100 year-old Victorian bungalow, (featured in Mollie Makes Magazine) but the sprawling open floor plan of a ranch houses or an Eichler really gets me going. I also swoon over most of the homes in Dwell, but for the sake of this question, I’ll take Amy Butler’s house!

What are your professional aspirations?

Get the work out, make happy customers, pay my bills and then some while continuing to keep an open mind to new opportunities.

Particular likes?

Green tea ice cream, smart women who are also generous with their experience, Denver, Apocalypse Now, bike riding, my daughter's sincerity, the heyday of 90’s San Francisco messenger punk, almost ALL dolls— but especially Marja Holstege creations, SFMOMA, the word “gumption," loyal and real people, Sweet Honey in the Rock, mountain climbing movies, Werner Herzog documentaries, the color orange, a really crisp Fall day in New Mexico.

What’s on your bucket list?

Spin the prayer wheels in Kathmandu, visit Lotusland, mush a team of dogs in Montana, read every story in my entire collection of vintage children’s books, take a glass blowing class, and continue to appreciate the sweet curiosity of life.